La Respiración Consciente…

Mindful Breathing...


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Recharge your inner battery

Hello again AAINERS…

This week I would like us to talk about inner peace and how to escape for a while from the chaos of work, politics and all the daily worries.

Our world is full of incessant and annoying noise that, at times, does not let us focus and does not allow us to reach that immaterial space where we grow, where we find creativity and ideas.

Doesn't it happen to you that there are days when it is impossible for you to concentrate?

What exasperates you even the noise of a fly?

Or that you lack patience with children?

Well, what happens is that your reserve of energy and internal peace is reaching the minimum level and... We need to refuel immediately!

And how can we recover our inner energy?

There are hundreds of ways and everyone has their own method.

Some sleep, others put on their shoes and go for a little run. (I am one of them!!! ) and others listen to music or cook.

However, sometimes none of this is enough.

Qi, the vital energy

We are emitters and receivers of natural energy.

Two types of energies flow through our body.

The first is the energy that we produce chemically in an organic way. The one we need to move, exercise, work and stay physically active.

But, in turn, our body has an invisible, immaterial energy that we are only capable of creating ourselves.

Taoist philosophy calls this energy Qi: vital energy.

We can think of it as an inner flame that drives us to maintain a positive, energetic and focused attitude.

This energy must flow naturally and without interruptions, since its imbalance produces a state of sadness, lack of concentration and stress.

Each of the activities we do requires a certain level of energy to push us forward and the hectic pace of modern life and stress are decreasing our Qi.

Fortunately, there is a super efficient method to replenish this energy permanently.

It does not take more than 5 minutes, it does not cost a penny and it is 100% effective:


5 minutes of breathing... 24 hours of energy!

Conscious breathing is an ancient technique that consists of slowing down our rhythm, until we focus solely on our own breathing.

This allows us to reach a maximum level of relaxation, in which we "turn off" the senses until we only perceive our own inhalation and exhalation.

Using the expansion and contraction of our diaphragm, we will hold the air for a couple of seconds and then we will let it out slowly through the mouth.

We are going to repeat this little exercise for 5 minutes.

Our inner devil, also called the conscious mind, will begin to bring us problems, pending appointments, the shopping list….

Don't dwell on those thoughts!

Don't let them steal your moment, just let them pass and refocus on the air that enters your nose.

Feel how your nostrils open and your lungs expand.

Find your little while, a quiet place where nothing and no one interrupts you.

It does not have a specific time, posture or special ritual.

As you well know, I do it every morning, before starting my day.

Although sometimes I have also done it at night before going to bed... And let me tell you that I sleep like a rock!

I encourage you to try this simple exercise for 7 continuous days. Soon you will see how your energy flows at the same time as all your projects.

Until next Tuesday AAINERS ;)


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