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We start each new stage, be it the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month or even the beginning of the week "I start on Monday" always with the same goals, I am going to improve my diet, I am going to do sports three times a week, I am going to plan my meals, I'm going to quit smoking... What is clear is that if we are repeating it, it is because the previous occasions we were not successful or we ended up giving up instead of turning them into true habits.

And it is that the only way to adopt real changes is by anchoring them in our daily habits.

The first thing you should know is that to build your health you need good habits and these habits must be incorporated naturally into your daily routines, they must not cause you any type of additional stress, nor be unrealistic, we must adjust the expectations we have and consider ourselves a objective that we can achieve.

If the goal is too high and our rhythm of life changes drastically, it is quite likely that we will end up abandoning it (for example, going from not having exercised to proposing to do an hour of sports six days a week). An alternative could be to set ourselves a higher long-term goal and more easily achievable short-term goals, which allow us to gradually get closer to the final goal.

So when we talk about building your health, without a doubt the smartest way is to base ourselves on these 5 fundamental pillars:

  • The nutrition
  • The exercise
  • The dream
  • peace of mind
  • The relationships

And to achieve truly significant changes in each of these pillars, you must start by working on small habits that allow you to reach a state of harmony in each of the pillars.

Choose a pillar and think:

  1. What is your goal
  2. Set a realistic goal
  3. Plan how you are going to carry out your new habit

A tip that will help you incorporate your new habit more smoothly is to anchor it to an existing one, for example if your goal is to drink more water, think of a habit you already have, perhaps if you drink coffee then add a glass of water every time you drink your coffee.

Remember that you build your own path, that it is about you, that you do not compete with anyone, that you do not need a deadline, because your challenge is only with you. Advance at your own pace, with love, patience and respect for yourself and your learning and above all do not forget that the goal is your health.

To be happy AAINERS


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