Limites Baby!!! 4 sencillas afirmaciones para proteger tu energía

Limits Baby!!! 4 simple affirmations to protect your energy

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PROTECTING YOUR energy means more than making sure you bring a full coffee thermos every morning; letting our energy live its best life comes down to a series of simple but conscious changes.

Taking care of our energy is important; Beyond the physical, this energy constitutes our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. It is not just our food and exercise that affect our energy, as our thoughts, emotions, and interactions with others affect our energy and energy field.

What can you do to protect your energy? We'll walk you through some simple things you can do to start protecting your energy, whether you're "wasting" it or losing it through what's known as "energy leaks." Let's look at some simple ways to protect your own energy and stay in what we know as "true harmony."

4 simple affirmations to protect your energy

True harmony is empowerment, balance, and alignment. It's knowing what you need to do to clean up what isn't working for you, and knowing how to take deep care of yourself.

Remember that you can always choose when and to whom you offer your energy.

Take Note: If any of the following suggested statements is "stressful" to you in any way, don't repeat it! Just choose affirmations that resonate with you... or you can create your own.


Think about if you have ever felt anguish before seeing a client, having a meeting or before a recurring situation. Recognize if that feeling of fatigue is produced by a particular person and realize if by moving away from that person you return to being yourself. If this is your case, then you are falling into a state of "surrogate" energy and you must begin to set an intention before sharing your space with these people. For you, this could mean that if you are going to a meeting with someone who has drained your energy in the past, you need to set the intention that whatever happens, your energy will stay with you and you will be safe and secure.

Later we will talk about what substitute energy means.

You could use this affirmation to help you maintain your energy:

My energy is protected and it is completely mine.
I am full of self-confidence, energy and joy.
I release all reactions and respond in my power.
My energy raises the vibration of the room, while keeping me protected and energized.


If you are about to spend time with people or situations where they often make you feel a little attacked or exhausted, or... when you spend time with someone who projects a lot of their frustrations or their own stress onto you, imagine that you are in a beautiful white or gold bubble.

Every time someone says or does something that upsets you, imagine the energy of their words, body language, or actions bouncing off your white bubble that protects you and reflecting back to them. After all, it's their words or actions that they're trying to project onto you, and you're just gently setting the intention that you don't need to absorb them.

In this situation try this statement of harmony:
I am free from energy leaks.
I protect myself at all times.
My energy is safely and completely mine.
I just allow positive energy, thoughts and vibes to flow through me.


When we "substitute" someone's energy, it's because a part of us feels like that other person can't take care of themselves, so we absorb their energy because we want to protect them, make them happy, or lighten some of their burden. What causes us to feel anxious, fatigued or even with a pressure in the chest.

If you recognize yourself in a situation like this, take a deep breath and think about who the person you are substituting their energy for might be. It is usually the first person that comes to mind.

Now, with your eyes closed, imagine where this energy is "located" in you, in what part of your body. Maybe you can identify it on your stomach, your chest, or anywhere else. Slowly, gently, and lovingly, imagine a fine thread that you begin to pull until you pull it out of your body and out of your energy field. Imagine getting rid of it, in the way you choose, it could be throwing it into the sea to be washed away by the waves or maybe you bury it in the sand or just wrap it in tissue paper and give it back to this person.

Breathe a little deeper and imagine yourself completely free of this person's energy (in a good way!). You are not energetically separating from this person, you are simply releasing the ties that bind you to that surrogate energy, while sending love. This will help you to be completely you again, and you will feel lighter and more aligned with yourself, your emotions and feelings.

Try repeating these sincere affirmations of harmony:
I am free from energy leaks.
I release all energetic attachments to... [name]
I allow [name] to take care of itself and this protects my energy.


I LOVE the cleanliness of the space. It can remove any negativity and make you feel clear, light and positive.

To clear your space you can use white sage, salt water in bowls (just change it daily), crystals (clean them often), energy sprays or even just open the window and set the intention that any "old", stale or negative energy washed away by the wind.

Of course, if your house is full of clutter... no matter how much white sage you use in the room, you can still feel fatigued and drained. Ordering your space and your home is about releasing and letting go of all those things that you no longer need. It is refreshing and very important if you want your space to vibrate at a high level.

Try this harmony affirmation:

I only breathe positive energy.
My space is loving, protected and clear.
I allow harmony in my house.

Tell us if you implement any of our tips to protect your energy ;)

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